‘Journal of Political Economy’, 125 anos

Criado em 1892, o prestigioso Journal of Political Economy, publicado pela University of Chicago Press, completou 125 anos em 2017. A última edição do ano inclui uma coleção de ensaios comemorativa, intitulada “The Past, Present, and Future of Economics: A Celebration of the 125-Year Anniversary of the JPE and of Chicago Economics”.

A introdução é de John List, chairperson do departamento de economia da Universidade de Chicago, e Harald Uhlig, head editor do JPE.

We invited our senior colleagues at the department and several at Booth to contribute to this collection of essays. We asked them to contribute around 5 pages of final printed pages plus references, providing their own and possibly unique perspective on the various fields that we cover.

There was not much in terms of instructions. On purpose, this special section is intended as a kaleidoscope, as a colorful assembly of views and perspectives, with the authors each bringing their own perspective and personality to bear. Each was given a topic according to his or her specialty as a starting point, though quite a few chose to deviate from that, and that was welcome. […]

We asked that their contribution be about what the field has accomplished or about where the field might or should be going in the future. It is probably the nature of the beast that all chose a largely backward-looking perspective, providing an overview of how the field has developed over time and how the JPE helped this process along by publishing some of the key ideas and key contributions. But hop on board and start reading!

Lars Peter Hansen, Eugene Fama, Richard Thaler, Luigi Zingales, Robert Lucas, James Heckman e Steven Levitt são alguns dos autores que toparam participar da edição especial. Um timaço.

O acesso à coleção de ensaios é gratuito.